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Thai Food!!!!

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Dec. 22nd, 2004 | 08:32 pm
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: internet cafe sounds (mostly people playing games)

Time for another update! The first thing in my list of notes is the many spellings of cappucino. There are even more variations here than there are in australia. Unfortunately the only one I recorded was "Cappuchino", available at Thai Station in Prangin Mall. Thai Station also has very nice and cheap thai food, costing RM50 (AU$18) for 3 of us to eat 1 dish with rice and 2 side dishes, and a drink each (ice blended coffee drinks are RM5.50 each).

The cream is a little unusual though.. I haven't quite worked out what it is, but there is something very strange about it :) It tastes nice, but it definitely tastes different to australian cream. I'm hoping I will find out what it is before I leave..

Yesterday we went to look at Kek Lok Si temple. Just as interesting as the temple itself was the buses we used to get there. They appear to have been quite nice buses in the long distant past, but after many years of dedicated service and dedicated lack of maintenance they are not quite so nice. There are typically many holes filled with unidentifiable objects, and in one there was the insides of an air-conditiong system hanging above us dangerously, where once there was presumably some kind of covering. Thankfully we made it to our destination each time. It cost us RM0.80 for each trip, which somewhat justifies the condition of the buses.

The trip up the stairs to the temple led us past 30 or so stalls, each selling much the same stuff, either t-shirts ("t-shirts you see one you like 5 ringgit?") or lots of small objects like little dragons, tortoises, fans, decorational knives, and lots of other stuff. The temple itself was quite nice, although the wishing fountain was closed. It looks like a popular tourist spot.

I think I've mentioned cd stores before, but they deserve another mention. I bought 4 cds for 5 ringgit each (just under $2 each), "Windows XP SP2", a cat information program (I'll try to get that one back to australia), a chinese learning program and a collection of various utilities. I have yet to see an original copy of any piece of software..

Today was much more relaxing, playing in the pool at the apartment lesley's family have just moved in to. The weather seems to be cooler too (it rained 2 nights ago, not for long though). On friday I'm planning to get back to working on my thesis, but the break has been very nice :)

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Comments {1}

Hmmmmmm Thai food. Wish I were there.

from: anonymous
date: Dec. 23rd, 2004 11:21 am (UTC)

Brian - I think you have inherited your interest in food from your mother! I love hearing about it though.

Prepared for when we get there.

My friends Lee & Prabha (who I invited to Al's wedding but not yours) will be in Malaysia in a few weeks time, and in Penang for a day, so if you see a 54 year old red haired Australian looking woman with an indian looking husband and they recognise you, that's who they are. They didn't want your address or phone, as they didn't want to bother you (or themselves I guess), but will be happy if they bump into you!

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