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Apr. 24th, 2005 | 05:50 pm
mood: lethargiclethargic
music: Passing traffic

I think I'm finally recovering.. the past few days have not been much fun. Actually the past week has not been much fun. While Lesley has been working nights at the hospital from 8 pm to 8 am, I have been spending the days (and the nights) coughing phlegm and watching the progress of an infection around my head. I think it started in my mouth, moved around a bit, visiting my left ear and my throat, but it now seems to have lost interest. A combination of Woods peppermint lozenges, Fisherman's friends, Vicks vaporub and a chinese eucalyptus oil + menthol mix allowed me to get some sleep while all of this was going on.

During the week I managed to get around 20 hours of work done for Trellian, writing some fairly simple php programs. Next week I plan to be working full-time, assuming I recover sufficiently.

Next week Lesley is back to normal working hours, so that will be good for her. While on night shift she still works the same number of hours each week, but over a 2 week period she does a total of 7 12-hour night shifts. She has learnt from the other staff that it is expected that she sleep, watch movies and play computer games to pass the time and to survive :P

I feel like I have lost several days now.. but I am remembering the things that I was meant to be doing. I am now practicing yoga each day (so is lesley), and practicing chinese each day (until my throat got so bad that it hurt to talk). Tonight I am doing my weekly calls as group leader for the LFIA series, which I had put off because of my sore throat. I think I may be up for a lot of resistance :) Perhaps I should have started earlier, while the memory of the last session was fresh in their minds.. I had planned to call on friday, but that turned out to be when my throat was the worst :( Right now I am capable of talking, although I still sound rather different.

And the other big news is.. Lesley is pregnant! :) So we have now obtained Folic acid supplements and a Yoga for Pregnancy book, and are otherwise making preparations. This means that she doesn't have to work in the high radiation tasks at work, and also means she gets treated well by the staff :) One of the staff members is particularly nice because he wants to set an example, as his wife was not treated very well when she was pregnant.

That is all for now.. I am currently reading through my ENTIRE thesis to check for any weirdness, then I am hoping to submit very soon.. real soon now. Any moment.

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Vladmir Dionysius Zarathustra

(no subject)

from: nihilistvlad
date: Apr. 25th, 2005 07:07 am (UTC)

congratulations. :)

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