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Mar. 16th, 2013 | 01:40 am
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So I found this article by Cathy Elliott, my old forum leader..


"Possibilities between people require a space in which to create" - yes they do.. and a space requires completion of whatever is filling that space already. Completion of those things that may have been held on to for a long time now.

"When we experience things as being complete, it’s a state change, from being a character in a story to being the space in which the stories occurs—to being the author, as it were" - the experience of being complete is something I have been missing for some time. It has happened, but I can't say it was me who produced it. It was produced more due to happy circumstance than my active pursuit. And certainly not produced from an intention to complete things as part of being complete.

"When we shift the locus of our dissatisfaction and complaints from something that exists “out there,” to something that’s located “in” what we are saying (language), what’s possible shifts." - in other words .. complaints exist in language. They exist in memory. They don't exist out there in the world. Change the language and the complaint can disappear. What's possible shifts.

"Being satisfied is not a feeling later labeled with the word “satisfaction,” rather it is a commitment, a stand we’re taking for that possibility." - being, not having. Be, Do, Have. Not the usual human viewpoint of Have, Do, Be - once I have money (car, house, health, partner, etc etc) I can do things that make me happy, then I'll be happy. Turn it around: Being happy, I will do things that happy people do, then I'll have happiness.

I forgot the importance of language.. and the importance of having people who understand that language.

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