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Non Sequitur

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Jul. 31st, 2008 | 10:59 am
location: Singapore
mood: disappointeddisappointed
music: Whirring fans

That's not an easy word to spell.. but moving along, I'm talking about the comic. There were two shown recently (which I'm told are re-runs) which I found particularly funny

Dad: So what'd you learn from reading the newspaper this week, Danae?
Danae: Hmm.. that politicians talk a lot but don't really say anything, and that people are stupid enough to blindly follow them.
Dad: ...
Danae: Um.. did I say something wrong?
Dad: Unfortunately, no ..

Dad: You're watching a news discussion program?
Danae: Uh-huh. I wanna pick up debate techniques from the pros.
Dad: Wow .. I'm impressed! So what have you learned?
Danae: That it's more important to demean the opponent's integrity than to be right about anything .. and never, EVER admit you're wrong.
Dad: You were born for this era.
Danae: I just hope some stupid "Age of Reason" doesn't come along by the time I grow up.
Danae's horse: Oh, I don't see much chance of that.

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