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Giving up coffee

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May. 23rd, 2008 | 03:49 pm
location: Singapore
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: Travis

Around a week ago I decided to give up coffee. The reason is that drinking coffee makes me feel bad, and it also make it more difficult to sing. Feeling good and singing are both important to me, hence, giving up coffee!

This post is about that choice. The first thing I noticed is that it took only 3 days for my habit of drinking coffee to turn into a habit of NOT drinking coffee. I found that instead of gravitating toward the coffee store (usually mcdonalds, coffee bean or munchy donut), I would gravitate away from it, and it would take an act of effort to change that. Not bad. Having the habit change makes my job much easier.

The other thing left is the cravings. Not drinking coffee leaves me feeling "empty", like something is missing. Putting up with that is a challenge. But by no means an impossible one.

I have in fact been drinking between 0.5 and 1 coffee each day recently. I've found that 1 coffee is just too much, and is enough to bring in all the bad effects. But 0.5 coffees is actually ok. It doesn't make me feel bad, and doesn't affect my singing. So I may well stay at 0.5.

The other thing I've started is an exercise program called 5BX (from the penguin book "phsyical fitness"). I'm finding that I feel a LOT better after exercising. And contrary to what I expected, I was not even remotely hungry after the exercise, and in fact was turned off by sugar. That I was not expecting.

The program has 60 fitness levels, the top 12 of which are reserved for championship athletes. Levels around the 45 mark are requirements for royal canadian air force flight crew (the RCAF developed the exercise program). And something like level 30 is what a mortal like myself is expected to achieve. Now I am on level 2 and finding that challenging enough for now! The book tells me I should stay here at least 4 days before trying the next level. I will try my best to be patient and listen to that advice :)

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