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"The Mist" review

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May. 12th, 2008 | 01:25 pm
location: Singapore
mood: fullfull
music: Travis

Last night we watched "The Mist". We had heard rumours that it sucked, but I actually quite enjoyed it. It's a horror movie where the monsters play more of a cameo role, and the real horror is the other people you are trapped with.

While the monsters do manage to kill quite a few people, it's the number of people that manage to kill themselves or each other that makes it more scary than the average horror film. Stupidity, arrogance, anger, compassion to the point of recklessness and self-preservation each claim their fair share of victims.

And the ending, well .. people who like endings with sunshine and bunny rabbits should stay away (this means you mum). It was at the end that I finally realized that the mist is not just physical, it's also a metaphorical mist that clouds the judgement of the survivors. Only at the end does the mist fade away, and you get a sudden rush of perspective.

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