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May. 3rd, 2008 | 04:28 pm
mood: optimisticoptimistic
music: Whirring fans

There's some cute things Gisele has been doing that need to be recorded, because she will stop them soon enough.

First there's the words and names..

noodles - doonles (pronounce same as noodles, just switch d and n)
Mummy - Money (change m for n)
walkies - cookies (she even tried "biscuit" once, pointing to the door. And she called cookie monster "biscuit elmo", changing cookie for biscuit and thinking he looks like elmo)

She has two videos, one called "Count it higher" from Sesame Street, which features cows singing in some of the songs, and another called "Barney counting time" which is a barney video. She calls the first one "Cow count it", and the second "Barney count it". Another similar set is "Sharing wishes" from Hi5, featuring many songs about stars, and "Barney Christmas Star". Her names for those are "Star" and "Barney star".

She is getting good with colours, now able to name blue, green, red and yellow with 100% accuracy. She is also good with pink, purple and orange.

One of her favorites now is train stations. By lucky coincidence, the train stations that she passes from home to childcare and back are numbered 11 to 20 (with 12 missing). So she has memorized all these stations, along with the numbers.

The other day she was singing "this old man ..", and sang all the way up to 10. Then she continued with

"This old man, he played 11, he played knicknack on my Sembawang", with Sembawang being station number 11. I tested her by singing "This old man, he played 17, he played knick knack on my ..." and she correctly replied "Bishan!", which is station 17 (and one of her favorite stations).

Her reading is also getting very good, though she frequently mistakes words she doesn't know for words she does now. She will read and spell out "STOP" and "SLOW" on signs, and recognizes many other words like "UP", "OUT" on signs. When she asks me to type or write any word she knows, she will instantly stop me if I start with the wrong letter.

Another thing I've noticed is that she says a very clear "C" when she sees the piano keyboard. I think the music lessons she is taking at childcare are making an impression :) She can't find C on the keyboard, but I always show her which one it is, and play twinkle twinkle little star for her. I expect her to be ready for her first international performance in a month or two.

Recent pics are at http://picasaweb.google.com/btherl

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