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Baby update!

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Nov. 17th, 2007 | 07:09 pm
mood: sadsad
music: Barney

So much to post about! Let's start with the most interesting stuff.

Gisele has been getting more sophisticated in how she speaks and understands. For example, when we step out the door she will point to my shoes and say "daddy". She also knows the singlets I wear and sometimes brings them to me.

But it gets better .. a while back she took the pink umbrella, said Paboom (mummy) and gave it to lesley. Then she got the white umbrella, "daddy" and gave to me. I thought it was a once off, but later she gave me a white hairclip and gave Paboom a pink one. Then today she pointed to a light coloured towel and said "daddy", then pointed to a pink one and said "paboom". So it's official .. she now knows that pink things are mummy's and white-ish things are daddy's :)

She also managed to combine two words. She knows that her own pants are called "pants", because she must wear them every time she goes for walkies (which she loves doing). Today she found my shorts in the cupboard, pointed at them and said "Pants! Daddy!". Then she took them and gave them to me.

Oh, and her favorite word now is "No!". And her favorite phrase is "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO". While the improvement in communication ability is useful, it can be quite hard to tell what she is saying no to sometimes.

On to other things .. today we were out walking and I saw a cat lying on a grate above a drain. I thought it was a bit odd, and we went closer. I saw it licking something on the drain, and wondered what it was licking. When we got closer I realised it had blood on its chin, and it wasn't able to move. After realizing it was serious I called the SPCA, but the cat died during the phone call, so the SPCA called the NEA (national environment agency) to clean up. A few passers by saw it and said it had probably fallen, which makes sense.. it had no external injuries, just blood from the mouth.

Gisele didn't seem at all disturbed by this. She wanted to follow when one of the locals took the cat away to bury it (not sure what the NEA will do when they find no cat). So we said goodbye to mau mau and continued on our walk.

Now we're back at home watching Barney, waiting for mcdonalds delivery. Actually it's only gisele watching Barney. Really. I'm, uh, doing something very adult and important.

Edit: What disturbed me most about the cat experience was that I didn't realize it was going to die. And it was actually quite a while before I realized anything was wrong. It makes me think that I might not notice other situations where something is wrong.

I also felt sad that the cat wasn't able to express what was happening to it. It tried to move and to squeak a few times but all it did apart from that was keep licking the blood on its chin. It must have felt quite helpless.

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