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Life as sushi

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Sep. 19th, 2007 | 08:15 am
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I had this idea late last night.. imagine that you are in an enclosed room. The only thing in the room is a sushi train in the wall. As the sushi come out, you grab each one, look at it, and either stuff it into your mouth or drop it on the floor. You pick up every single sushi that comes.

After a while the sushi on the floor pile up, and you're forced to eat those ones whether you want to or not. Luckily these are imaginary sushi, so they always stay fresh.

Now consider each sushi as an emotion. As each emotion comes along you pick it up, look at it, and either wear it and at it out or throw it on the floor. You do this with every emotion that comes along, because it never occurred to you to do anything else.

As the rejected emotions pile up on the floor, eventually you find yourself surrounded with them. It becomes harder and harder to find anything other than those ones you rejected.

This is a metaphor for acting on emotions verses denying emotions.

But these are not the only two options. The third option is to leave the emotion on the train, and watch it disappear out the hole in the wall. This is the metaphor for observing your feelings and letting them be, as distinct from acting on them and also distinct from rejecting them.

I thought that's a cute metaphor :) And maybe it can help for someone who doesn't grasp the 3-way distinction between repressing, accepting and being an emotion.

Doing or not doing

This is quite related. I was thinking that at any moment in time, we are doing or we are not doing. For example, if we see some food and we are hungry, then we are either eating it or we are consciously not eating it. When we don't eat the food, we are not doing nothing! But rather we are not eating.

Similarly if we see someone who needs help. In that moment, we are either helping or not helping. There is no "do nothing" here. Because helping that person is what is in our mind, we are either doing it or not doing it.

The third option from above is to let the thought go and wait for another to take its place. And we always have that choice. It is just the default way of being for us to do or not do.

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