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Baby vocabulary!

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Sep. 10th, 2007 | 02:51 pm
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Of course it deserves an exclamation mark!! Here are some of the words gisele is using now, along with pronunciation guide.

Bus (Bus, us) <-- Especially SMRT public buses
Car (Shar, Sar) <-- Anything that's not an SMRT bus
Slide (Shard, Sard)
Mummy (Pa-boom) <-- this came from "Bunny" which sounds like "Mummy"
Daddy (Daddy) <-- at least she gets one of them right!
Singapore (Singapore) <-- she learnt this before mummy and daddy
Rice (Rice)
Cat (Miaow miaow)
Dog, Mouse, Horse, Generic furry creature (Woof woof)
Doggy (Doggy)
Bunny (Pa-boom, same as mummy)
Birdy (Birdy, Bardy) <-- or alternatively, squeal of delight followed by chasing birdy
Teddy (Teddy)
Ball (Door) <-- Same as four
Tree (Thee)
Light (Ight)
Two (Do)
Three (Ee)
Four (Door) <-- Same as ball
Five (Aaaaahve)
Six (Six)
Star (Da)

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