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Scientology and Landmark (and EST)

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Aug. 29th, 2007 | 08:14 am
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I came across this fascinating comment today, in the Landmark Forum Grads yahoo group. It's a response to another message, hence the first two lines. It's the next three paragraphs that interest me more though. EST is the predecessor of the Landmark Forum.

I had friends that were into Scientology in that period.

One could be labeled a "supressive" and termination would be an option.

Werner used some Scientological data on the last day of the est training during the Anatomy of the Mind process to get people to Empty and Meaningless.

Essentially est allowed people to get to the point where they naturally deprogrammed Engrams "just in the process of life itself." Scientologists hated this, since their belief is that it needed to be accomplished by process of "auditing." They also insisted that since the Scientological data was used that it was an infringement of copyright.

Werner figured he could get beyond all this by redesigning the program without any Scientological content, hence the Forum. But by that time the Hubbardites smelled blood, so they took him down anyway.

I have often wondered about the similarities between Scientology and Landmark. It seems clear to me that Scientology "engrams" or "thetans" are names for Landmark rackets. It also seems clear to me that auditing is a process that achieves much the same result as recognizing rackets and giving them up.

I believe that both Scientology and Landmark take you to Empty and Meaningless, though using those two quite different methods. But it's what happens there that is very different - Scientology then fills the space with L. Ron Hubbard's ideas about truth. Landmark, on the other hand, tells you that you must create your own truth, and adamantly refuses to create it for you. That's one huge difference, and one that changes the whole character of each organization.


While writing the above, I wanted to write more on another topic, so here it is. In the process of auditing, a machine is used to detect emotional responses, much like a lie detector. With this machine, it is possible to tell when you are hiding something when you speak, as it detects the physical symptoms of hiding something.

I have often wondered if this could be useful for us Landmark graduates. But then again, you would probably start having rackets about the machine, and "forget" that it was there.
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