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Alphabets and more!

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Jul. 12th, 2007 | 10:44 am
location: Penang
mood: impressedimpressed

A few days back while getting ready to sleep, I was singing the alphabet song, starting with "ABCDEFG". Much to my surprise, I heard something like "asch ah .. ah jeh keh" coming from Gisele!

I wasnt sure if I had heard correctly, so I tried a few more times. The best confirmation came when I sang the whole alphabet to gisele, pointing at each letter on an alphabet poster on the wall. Gisele then said "asch ah jay" while pointing to the correct letters!

I was reminded of this just today, when I sang ABCDEFG to gisele again. She sang "asch ah jeh keh da da da da" while pointing to some letters written on my pants. Not the right letters (the word was "SPORT") but I don't think that matters too much.

It continually surprises me how good she is at copying sounds. She is also quite good at some other words and phrases, including "bye gisele", "hello", "bye teacher", "ee ah ee ah" (parent:old macdonald had a farm, gisele:ee ah ee ah ee ah ee ah AAAH clap clap clap smile), "ba ba black sheep". There's other noises she makes that she repeats, but we can't understand what she's trying to say.

She does a very convincing "I'm a teacher explaining something with hand actions", but we have no idea what she is explaining. So I do a "I'm a baby listening to a teacher explain something", and try to bluff my way through. Her tone of voice is quite authoritative as she makes seemingly random sounds and waves her hands around.

Pictures will be up soon! There's quite a few so sorting and so on will take time.

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