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Baby update!

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Dec. 3rd, 2006 | 05:46 pm
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music: Whirring fans

These photos were taken just yesterday, except for 3 which were taken 2 months ago. The camera is not ours.. which is why you get the natural lighting and the artistic background blur on some of the pictures :)

Gisele is walking more and more.. and falling more and more. She's getting more bold too, grabbing objects further and further away. When she knows she isn't allowed into a room, she will stand just outside and try to grab anything within reach. She's grabbed cups full of liquid, but we've been fast enough to stop her.. so far :)

First the old ones

And now the ones from yesterday

The new model for Jean Yip..

And the other new model for Jean Yip (baby hair styling)

That's Johor (Malaysia) in the background


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