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Jan. 17th, 2005 | 04:20 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: multiple fans

Finally I have found internet access! There are not so many internet cafes here. And the ones that are here are expensive! I'm currently at the house of pak pak and pak leong (lesley's first uncle and his wife).

I'm currently uploading a whole heap of photos.. one collection is from in malaysia, labelled 2005-01-09, and the other is mostly from singapore and the bus trip to here, labelled 2005-01-16. The photos from starbucks and the photos of the roadside food place are from still in malaysia.

We have found a place to live! It's in Sembawang, one of the more recently built residential areas (also has a few army and air force bases). We are up on the ninth floor in a rather nice apartment for S$830 per month. There are quite a few pictures of it on yahoo photos (http://photos.yahoo.com/btherl)

It is really quite a nice country.. an example of a benevolent dictatorship :) It looks like quite a nice place to live, although the national sport is shopping.. I haven't put any photos of the shopping malls up as they look exactly like those in australia (perhaps more floors). The main difference is that the city is COVERED in shopping malls. It's difficult to go anywhere without running into one.

Yesterday we bought a new computer.. here are the specs for the nerds reading (and I am sure there are many):

AMD 64 3000+ socket 939 (cpu+mb S$426)
Gigabyte K8NS-939
2x256MB kingston ddr400 CL3 (S$130 for both)
GeCube Radeon 9600XT 256MB (S$297)
Maxtor 80GB SATA (S$120)
Sony DVD (black) (S$52)
Case with 3 fans (black+silver front panel), includes fan in top of case and case fan over cpu. S$75
Logitech keyboard+mouse (black) (S$36)
Phillips 1730S LCD (black+silver) 17" (S$469, with $20 NTUC vouchers.. so in effect is S$449)

The colour scheme was lesley's idea :) Total price S$1600, cheap!

Lesley has not started work yet, largely due to the incompetency of the HR department at KK hospital. The application for her S pass is still being processed. She was going to start today, but since the other person starting along with her has not arrived in singapore they decided to leave it another week. Not having the S pass makes it very hard to apply for phone line and internet too, as singapore is very strict on people having a reason to be in the country..

Not much else to say now.. public transport is excellent and very cheap. There's one or two pictures of the MRT (train) in the photo album. The buses are nothing special, but they arrive regularly and are clean (unlike penang buses..)

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