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Jan. 4th, 2005 | 02:16 pm
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Something with non-english words

I'm posting a lot of pictures from the past few days on yahoo photos, so I'll give some descriptions of them here.

The first few are pictures taken from the apartment we're staying in. Next is a few photos of the australian beef section at the supermarket :) The price in the picture is RM44.99 per kilo, which is around AU$15. Then there's australian valencia oranges, RM0.89 each :)

Next is 2 photos of a food place which sells a chinese herbal soup with various parts of a pig inside it (I was spared the full details of which parts). Most of the next photos are self-explanatory.. the one of me is me filling in the application form for the dependant's pass. The lift graffiti is quite interesting so I've included a few pictures of it.

Milo is very popular over here so I took a picture of it in the supermarket shelves :) I have a feeling that the Milo breakfast cereal originated over here. It's the sort of thing which I imagine would be quite popular here.. The monitor lizards I've taken some pictures of before, but here are more of them :) The pictures of trees with parasites are from the same park as the lizards. There seem to be at least 2 types of parasitic plants growing on the trees around there.

Muar Chee is a type of snack which is starch with peanuts and sugar. You use toothpicks to stick the peanut crumbs and sugar onto a piece of starch and eat it. I was able to capture a picture of the transaction as Molly purchased the goods. There's also a picture of the "no hawking" sign, which the Muar Chee hawker was hawking just across the road from.

Plaza Ivory is the apartment building we are staying in. The picture of the plaza ivory "security check" is reminiscent of the customs check at Penang airport.. at least at the airport there were people to wave you through.

I took some pictures of receipts which had been collecting in my wallet :) DVDs for RM13 from Bukit Jambul Mall (they are cheaper at Prangin mall, more like RM8 or 9). Food stores normally have 5% government tax and 10% "service charge", which you can see on the Eden receipt. Cheaper food stores don't bother with these formalities, however.

Finally there is a picture of some traffic lights.. many of the city lights have a counter telling you how many seconds are left before the lights change. The system seems to work quite well.

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