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Meditation on a person

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Aug. 29th, 2006 | 11:05 pm
mood: philosophical

A common meditation technique is to focus on an object, sensation, noise, voice, or any other thing. This gives you something to bring your mind back to, rather than trying to "think about nothing", a paradoxical goal which usually leaves you thinking about thinking about nothing.

A while ago I was watching Gisele while we were in Penang, making sure she didn't injure herself while rolling around. But I wanted to meditate as well. So I decided to meditate with Gisele as a focus.

The effect was quite surprising. I found that I noticed her movements in much greater detail. I also noticed the noises she made in detail as well. These were things that I had been ignoring mostly (as you do when you see someone every day). I also felt that she was a lot more real, and I felt a lot more feeling for her.

I've since tried meditation with a person as the focus other times as well, and it is very effective! And by effective, I mean worthwhile. And by worthwhile, I mean that I had an experience that I would not otherwise have had, and I saw that experience as positive.

I really want to try a meditation which I read about while up in Penang.. it involves creating a scene in your mind, and then taking actions in that scene. At some point, you open up a box and see what's inside. It sounds like a great method of self-discovery. Whatever is in the box is something that will come from my mind, and I may not have realized that it is in there.

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