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Happy new year!

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Jan. 1st, 2005 | 10:02 pm
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Despite the best efforts of the malaysian PM, who wanted new year's eve to be a day of prayer and mourning rather than celebration, there was quite a lot of fireworks last night, including some right outside our apartment and right outside all the apartments right next door. There was plenty to see in the direction of the city and across the water on the mainland at Butterworth. So it was quite exciting :) Although rather loud when the fireworks started only 100m away.

We finally have both forms for singapore! An employment/S pass form for lesley (she is applying for S pass, which means "foreign talent but not talented enough to qualify for employment pass", which is determined entirely by salary). And a dependant's pass for me. We're going to send them off on Monday, and hope that they don't suffer the same fate as the blank forms that were "couriered" to us from singapore, and have not yet arrived. In the end we had the forms emailed to us and we printed them out.

Today we went to Eden restoran (malaysian version of restaurant) for dinner for my birthday, we being me, lesley and her sister mei sin. Lesley had lobster, I had steak with black mushroom and mei sin had chicken and steak combo. Lesley also had this unusual looking thing which was a large bun filled with seafood chowder.. I will be taking a picture of the receipt and posting it later :) The lobster came with steak as well and cost RM52 (AU$18), which I'm sure seafood lovers will drool over.

That's it for today.. Khaleel's Restoran (with the roti chanai) has been taken over by soccer watchers. They used to show indian movies (the singing and dancing ones), but now it's just soccer.. :'(

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