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Earthquakes and tsunamis

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Dec. 28th, 2004 | 08:04 pm
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The obvious way to start this journal entry is to point out that Penang has not sunk into the sea, and in fact we barely noticed the earthquake and the tsunami from where we were staying. In the morning there was some slight vibration (I noticed the couch shaking, and thouht that maybe it was the wind making it shake, or maybe it was ME shaking) but nothing else. Luckily we hadn't followed through on our plans to stay in a beach resort for one night :) I won't say more about this topic as you can find out everything from the newspapers.

I've got quite a few photos from today and yesterday, which I will be posting on yahoo photos (http://photos.yahoo.com/btherl) as soon as I finish this journal entry. Some are of interest because they have some interesting interpretations of english, some for the prices, some for the weirdness (the "no durian" sign next to the lift) and others because they look nice. We spent a while trying to get good pictures of the moon with the digital camera, so those are in there too :)

Today was spent shopping again (I picked up a hard drive fan for RM28 and some inuyasha posters, 3 for RM5.80), and gloating over the exchange rate (nearly RM3 for every AU$1 now, up from 2.8 or so when we arrived). The pictures from today are of Prangin mall. One of them is of plan ticket prices (yes, RM100 for a flight to bangkok from KL. That's about AU$35). And RM10 from KL to Penang.

That's about it for now.. we still haven't received the forms for applying for lesley's employment pass and my dependency pass unfortunately :( They were supposed to be sent by courier, but the courier seems to be having trouble finding our house.

Lesley had some stomach cramps yesterday, but they are mostly better now. And I'm surprisingly healthy for having converted to a malaysian diet of sugary drinks and chillied noodles.

I've gotten a decent amount of work done on my thesis too, although I did very little today. I guess I should work on that tonight :p
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