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New baby behaviour!

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Mar. 12th, 2006 | 10:37 pm
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Gisele has exhibited some interesting new behaviour recently!

Firstly, she will sometimes cry until she is held upright. Once upright, she will look around, especially 90 degrees to the left and right. She will also look at things at other angles, but seems to prefer those. She is particularly interested in the clock in the loungeroom, in the things on top of the fridge and the things on top of the wardrobe. She is also getting much more interested in the animal mobile in our bedroom.

I feel like she has a definite preference for being upright now, although her body can't do it yet. So she cries until we do it for her :)

The other new behaviour is that she can track objects with her eyes! For the first 2 months, she could only do "saccades", where her eyes would jerk from one spot to another. Even when watching an object move, she would jerk from one position to another to watch it go past. But now she can do smooth eye movements while tracking an object.

I read somewhere a long time ago that these are the only two types of eye motion humans can do, saccades and tracking. And it's true! Try to move your eyes smoothly while NOT tracking an object, and you'll find that your eyes tend to move in jerks. Only when watching an object can you move your eyes smoothly.

The other thing she can do now is to lock eyes with me while the background is moving. In the past, her head would move around as she confused the background (or perhaps the motion) and my face. Her eyes would wobble left and right along with her head as I turned around in a circle. But now she can fix her eyes on mine without any trouble, even if I turn in a circle.

Amazing things, these babies :)

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