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Magic Chicken Chop!

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Dec. 25th, 2004 | 04:10 pm
mood: workingworking
music: the humming of fans

I had an interesting experience today - In a large k-mart syle store I saw a rare artifact,
an original vcd! Each one had a silvery sticker on it saying "original" and some other
stuff. So I have now confirmed the rumour that there are non-pirated vcds available in

Lesley is much better now too.. after throwing up all over the floor (which was concrete,
standard in malaysia. Tiles are also common) she slept for a day and was back to normal.

Soon I'm hoping to post some pictures (including a menu from one of the stores at the base
of the apartment I'm staying in). It includes items such as chicken chop (RM6.00),
Roti Chanai (RM0.60), Roti John Hong Kong (no idea what THAT is), and Roti with banana
and honey (RM3.00) which is roti with cooked banana inside and ice cream on top.
Another store offers Magic Chicken Chop for RM5.00 (no explanation of its magic nature).
I'm told that chicken chop is western food..

I checked out some electric keybard at a music store in penang. They have some for around
RM4000 which look quite nice, with pedals and everything. That's around AU$1400, much
cheaper than australian prices. Maybe I will be buying one and taking it over to
singapore :)

Not much else has happened lately.. we spent some time relaxing in the swimming pool, and
I am back to working on my thesis today. I'm going to spend monday to saturday working
on it and take sunday off, since there's a lot of work to do in not much time :(

btw my mobile phone number, in case you want to send an sms (may only work from optus/vodafone): +60164921428

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